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Methods That Help in Writing Code

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2023 5:40 am
by pahar2022
Programming is certainly not easy and requires many lines of written working code. Any programmer would be extremely happy if by the time the last tag is written, he could create code without bugs and errors. As a beginner developer, improving your programming skills is probably one of your top priorities. But where to start? With so much information, it can be hard to know which techniques are worth learning and which will actually help you write better code. In this article, we'll share some beginner-friendly methods and tips that will help you write better code. So if you're ready to take your coding skills to the next level, keep reading! Start with a plan One of the best ways to write better code is to start with a plan. Before you start coding, take a few minutes to think about what you want your code to do. Don't just jump into writing code because you think you know what needs to be done. Take some time to really understand the problem.

What are the inputs and outputs? What are the expected results? What data structures will you need? Are there edge cases to consider? Rubber duck This is a method where the programmer looks at his code from top to bottom for a long time 5, 10 or 15 times and fails to see that missing comma that "breaks" everything, the first reaction would be to turn to the colleague who stands at the adjacent desk, explaining to him line by line what was written. At one point, reading the code it popped up at line 589. Hooray! Well, the backlash Macedonia Phone Number List might be snickering at how this elementary bug was missed, but there is already working code. How would a rubber duck help? The next time you reach a dead end, turn to the duck. It also won't give you an answer, so you might as well read your code in front of it. Pair programming This is a method where two developers work together. What do we mean? One programmer plays the role of a writer, and the other plays the role of an observer or navigator who follows each line of code written. In this case, in order not to lose concentration, the developers often exchange their roles.


The observer considers and offers ideas for directing the work, so the driver focuses all his attention on the current task. Think aloud In this method, programmers think out loud while performing a specific task. Working on a project, they say everything out loud, including while thinking, writing or watching something. There are also many methods such as Walk Through, Eureka Effect, Socratic Method, which support the work of programmers. However, applying them is not guaranteed to write error-free code, but they certainly make things easier. The demand for IT skills is constantly increasing, with professions in software development and testing becoming more and more in demand, so Advance Academy has developed professional trainings aimed at these areas. Advance Academy's software development and testing curriculum covers four main educational paths in the IT sector – JAVA , WEB , QA and PHP . The training aims to give you the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work with the most sought-after software technologies and tools.