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Why Should Every Child Know How to Program

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2023 5:40 am
by pahar2022
Today more and more parents choose to involve their children in various extracurricular activities, be it piano lessons, karate, soccer, ballet, drawing, language, or a combination of several activities. All of them are aimed at enriching and developing the child. And in some cases even pointing to his future profession. Some parents choose this extra activity for their children to focus on programming. To many people, programming and writing code can sound extremely difficult, especially for a child in 5th to 12th grade or even younger. But despite the difficulties and specifics, everything is achievable with the right approach. Taught in an appropriate way and in accessible language, according to the age of the children, it may surprise you what results it will show even after a month of training. In this article, we will tell you what advantages programming would give our children for future development? Here are a few reasons: Problem Solving The reason students are exposed to coding while still in school is because it would help them solve problems in a logical and creative way.

Programming teaches children to understand how things work. Every parent wants their child to do well in situations where they have to make a decision on their own and make the right choice. Learning to code gives kids the opportunity to learn these types of skills while they're young, and it will help them in life. Challenge and Flexibility – Writing code doesn't always return a positive result and what we wanted it to do the first time. The first reaction is to make even an adult react negatively. But this is where programming comes in, which teaches that often a negative outcome can be a positive one, because it provides an opportunity to learn from the mistake that Malta Phone Number List was made. Coding allows you to try several times until you finally reach your result. Even the best programmers with many years of experience make mistakes, and this is only motivating, because the next time you write code, the desired result will appear faster. Logical Thinking Programming is not just about learning how to write code. Rather, it is expressed in children starting to think differently, logically.


For example a larger difficulty has arisen and needs to be resolved. If it is broken into smaller parts, solving it will be more effective. This is called decomposition or computational thinking. Develop creativity – Programming teaches children to experiment and gives them the confidence to be creative. By writing code, they create something that is entirely their own. For example, when writing a web page, the result is immediately visible, it shows students their progress and gives them the opportunity to be confident, creating something in a fun and exciting way. Programming is the future - The world is developing at an extraordinary pace, technology is changing day by day, and the skill of writing code is useful in these conditions. A child's ability to code will give them an edge in life and more opportunities. Math Fun - Not every student likes the word 'math'. Coding allows kids to develop their math skills while writing code without even realizing it. Coding is about organizing and analyzing data, logical and computational skills. Creating code can make math more engaging and fun.