On the other hand, some VPN providers

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On the other hand, some VPN providers

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Vice versa, most antiviruses offer VPN solutions. But, in this case, they usually come with an additional (sometimes excessive) cost, and the quality of the VPN is not as optimal as that offered by a dedicated VPN provider. SSL certificate to offer security to visitors The SSL certificate is a data protection standard within a web page. With SSL, the information that the user sends to the website (such as the credit card number when making a purchase, or the email when logging in) is safe. Any visitor can consult this certificate.

Just click on the lock icon that usually goes next to the browser's address bar. When doing so, you can see the message "Your connection is secure", among other details. Web pages that do not have an SSL certificate display a crossed out padlock icon. Also, web browsers phone database like Chrome or Firefox trigger a notification about the lack of security of the website, and warn the user to visit it at their own risk. Hence the importance of obtaining it so as not to lose visits or sales. This certificate can be purchased through the hosting provider. It is also possible to get it for free. I'm just starting my business, do I need these tools? Experts recommend that every company, no matter how small, puts its computer security first from the beginning of its foundation.


It must be borne in mind that companies currently rely on technology from the beginning of their commercial activities, whether they have digital growth strategies (such as a website or mobile application), or whether they only use collaborative tools such as email. Email or Slack for remote work management. Additionally, data protection and privacy is an issue that has become highly relevant in recent times. Users are increasingly aware of the information they share online, so they distrust companies that 1. ask to store too much data, 2. do not seem to have a clear privacy policy, 3. do not have minimal security tools. Fortunately, the tools we've just shown are relatively inexpensive for small businesses, and in some cases free.
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