Ultimately, the concept of marketing is nothing more

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Ultimately, the concept of marketing is nothing more

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To be carried out, it requires a high level of analysis for the commercial management of companies, since its main purpose is to: retain and retain existing customers and attract new ones, that is, both at the same time. Similarly, marketing always aims to create and strengthen the positioning of a brand (and therefore its products, services and ideas) in the minds of consumers. Although of course,

without neglecting the difficulty that exists today to achieve this purpose due to the multitude of competitors and the demands and constant changes of the public. Associated Marketing Concepts: It should be noted that beyond defining the expression, these phone database are words that must also be understood independently to better understand and understand the previous points: Need: It is a state of tension that is caused when there is no balance between what is required and what is available. They are normally linked to the physical state of the organism. They are not created, they are inherent in people. Desire: Once the need is translated into specific objects as a form of satisfaction, the desire arises. That in contrast to the need, it can be created through marketing proposals.


Demand: It is when the desire joins the ability to acquire. Value: This is the relationship that a customer establishes with respect to the benefits they receive from the offer and the costs of the offer. Closely related to the concept of satisfaction. marketing process For a marketing action to be successful, the following basic steps must be followed to analyze, plan, implement and control our action. It is important that you consider within the team a person with an important strategic approach, a high capacity for data analysis, and, as far as possible, with a taste for ideas and proposals for improvement. If you don't have that person on your team yet, don't worry, here's a step-by-step guide that can help you get off the ground.
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