Phases of the purchase process

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Phases of the purchase process

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Have you ever wondered how many times you have gone through a purchase process or what it is for? Well, in this article I show you what it is and how you can use it in your business. Also, to create an inboud marketing strategy it is necessary to lead the prospect through the entire purchase process. In some cases this process may take a few minutes, in other cases it may take several days or several months. In any of the cases, it is necessary to know what the different stages of this process are, in order to create a good marketing strategy oriented towards the objectives of your business. Purchasing process What are the phases of the buying process?

The buying process is the procedure that all customers go through to buy a product or service. This process usually has 5 specific steps: Discovery of the phone database problem information search Decision Action Post purchase behavior In some cases, the client may not complete the entire route, or on certain occasions it may take some of the stages. For example, suppose Bob's computer broke a long time ago and he knows he has to buy another one. But he doesn't use his computer much, only 2 or 3 times a week for 20 minutes; so the repair or replacement of it is not so important to him.


When he decides to seek information about possible solutions, nothing convinces him to take action. He decides to ask his friends, but they don't have a good alternative to convince him, so Roberto decides to put the computer problem aside for now. In other cases, a step may be skipped, for example, this time Roberto has run out of milk that he had at home for breakfast. He always buys the same one in the market closest to his house, so he does not look for any information, nor does he evaluate the possible alternatives; almost like an automatic process he decides to go for his milk and nothing else.
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