20 Years of Sexual Photo Restoration

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20 Years of Sexual Photo Restoration

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April 20, 2000 was the day Ye Yongtiao died unexpectedly in Gao Shuguo Middle School. However, in the past 22 years, Taiwanese people are not unfamiliar with his name and story. In addition to the discussion of the truth of the accident, the issue of gender equality has attracted more attention from the society. The presentation of Ye Yongtiao's physical masculine and psychological traits (mother's argument) often leads to gender bullying among classmates, and because of his experiences during his lifetime, the school's original "gender equality" education has moved towards "gender equality" more broadly. In the direction of " Gender Equality Education Law " in 2004, the concept of gender identification has been loosened from the binary standard of either male or female, and it has also made society and schools more aware of the importance of gender equality education. If gender identification is loosened from the concept of either male or female, some people may wonder how to define gender differences? From the current social values, it can be slightly divided into heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, etc.; if we look at the difference between physiology and psychology, it may be physical male and psychological female (temporarily referred to as masculine and feminine,

and thus By analogy), a man with a male heart, a male with a female heart, and a female with a female heart. However, this is only in the part of self-identification, and there may be different conditions for partner selection. For example, a biological female and a psychological male may be bisexual but prefer to choose a biological female. From the perspective of the role of sexual behavior, Maybe bisexual biological women play the role of male initiative, etc. There are many different settings. The dual liberation of gender Photo Restoration
identity cannot be denied that there are still many people in the society who will fiercely refute the social atmosphere as a mess, Taiwan's education is getting worse and worse, and they don't know how to teach children in the future. In fact, it is not particularly important how to identify gender affiliation, because personal self-identification does not need to be recognized by others. The more diverse the gender attributes in the social development process, even if I will never be able to clearly clarify the differences,

but you I can still do one thing - respect. Not getting your approval does not mean that the society and the world will collapse due to your cognition. Things that you cannot understand or agree with do not mean that you can rationalize your opinions and interfere with other people's choices. I think this is the only way is the meaning of gender equality. The "Gender Equality Education Law" that was born because of the Ye Yongtiao incident has gone through nearly 20 years. What changes and improvements have been made to our campus education and atmosphere? On the whole, the acceptance of multi-sex students in society and the campus has been much more relaxed, and most teachers and students can face up to multi-sex students. Compared with the environment Ye Yongtiao was in at that time, the current campus is relatively friendly. Coupled with the coexistence of multicultural society, the use of video and song materials, and the promotion of the marriage equality movement in recent years, more people have indeed recognized and respected the existence of multi-sex people. Therefore, gender equality education as a whole still has its positive meaning. . Having said that, there are still some phenomena wort
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