friendly, You're In Uruguay Phone Number Big Trouble

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friendly, You're In Uruguay Phone Number Big Trouble

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Because the operation team is composed of people, and. Each team is responsible for a group, it is natural to communicate and interact with group friends. Well, let's take a look at how to Uruguay Phone Number implement the self-operating group model, which is suitable for. Long-term interest-based operating communities; step 1: run through the mvp operated by the community. And extract the core functions i have to run the mvp model of community operation first, and run it through. My own refined operation. If i don’t get through it myself, the self-operation team can’t get through it either.

Then we need to extract the most core functions of the content delivered by the community. How to define "the most. Core functions" is that even if everything is gone, the group can still Uruguay Phone Number continue to operate. For example, what we. Want to do is an industry communication group, then the core function of the community must be topic. Communication. Step 2: disassemble the core functions if you are a professional community operation person, you may be able to output the entire core function smoothly, but when we want to hand over this core.


Function to amateurs to manage, we need to operate the core function. The modules are cut to the smallest. Detail, so that a person with no experience in community operation can Uruguay Phone Number know how to operate. Or take the industry. Exchange group as an example. Since the core function is topic communication, we will disassemble the main. Task of the operation group into topic initiation and topic discussion. If we disassemble it further, we will. Disassemble it to what we want to initiate. This kind of topic, when to post the topic, and how to guide the discussion. After the topic is posted, this is actually an operation manual for topic communication.
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