Undercover Jay Chou fan group for a month: We disdain the idol set

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Undercover Jay Chou fan group for a month: We disdain the idol set

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Although the new songs have mixed reviews, Jay Chou is "Jay Chou".

Since the news of the announcement of the new album came, Jay Chou has stood on the C position of public opinion. The album opened for reservations only 17 hours ago, and the number of reservations exceeded 5 million. In less than half an hour after the release of the main MV "The Greatest Work", the topic of #周杰伦先曲# became a hot search on Weibo. Douban malicious low scores, demo music leaks and other events have added more topics to this comeback.

Last night, the new album that was originally scheduled to be released at 0:00 on the 15th was released ahead of schedule (the New Zealand region was first exposed due to a time error), and this small oolong Special Database also made netizens call it "an early New Year". Jie fans sighed that "the Chinese music scene can't be without Jay Chou", while using the album as a new social currency, #QQMusic# also appeared on Weibo hot search because of too much sharing.

Undercover Jay Chou fan group for a month: We disdain the idol set

The hot search list after the new album goes online


Jay Chou seems to have a kind of magic power, and everyone in this carnival has become a "Jie Fan". It is difficult for you to see from the revellers who are loyal fans, who are good passers-by, and who are reminiscing about their youth. And because Jay Chou has been popular in the Chinese music scene for too many years, even the composition of loyal fans can be called "complex": there are people of all ages, circles, and preferences, including old fans who have followed for more than ten years, But there are also newcomers to Generation Z.

The participation of young people seems to bring more or less the "influence" of the fan circle culture. Released a new album after six years. At such an important moment, what are fans doing for idols? Is it difficult for Jie fans to escape the rules of the fan circle, like idol fans, cheering for idols and countering black sales?

One month before the release of the new album, we joined the Jay Chou album group buying group. The group was full of ordinary fans, including men and women, young people and middle-aged people. What did they do for Jay Chou?

01 Pinch point, anti-black, fight speed
In the eyes of most idol fans, every time a new album or song is released, there will be a battle for traffic, and the steps to warm up are already familiar: editing and controlling the copywriting, brushing topic words in the square, and every subsequent follow-up. A Weibo will bring relevant topics to maximize the warm-up publicity. Although I know that the possibility of "out of the circle" is not high, but if I don't do it, I will definitely be ridiculed by my "opponent".

Obviously, Jay Chou fans don't need to do this.

On June 19, Jay Chou released an 11-minute prologue documentary of the new album on social platforms, and announced the launch time of the new album at the end of the film. The news immediately ignited the lead of public opinion like a bomb. Related topics such as #JayChouNewAlbumPreliminaryDocumentary#, #JayChouNewAlbumName# and other related topics were immediately searched on Weibo, and netizens left comments under the topic.
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